UPAMAX – The Powerful Twin Ram baling press from UnoTech.

The UPAMAX Twin Ram press can be used to process MSW and RDF to form 1100mm x 1100mm x 1100 bales ready for easy wrapping and onward processing. With the ejection unit ready-designed for a bolt-on interface to an automatic wrapping unit, the UPAMAX is a highly efficient machine set up for the UK RDF market and its demands for wrapped bales.

Bales are formed using the immense pressure of the main ram and then moved to the ejection chamber for tying or direct wrapping.  This means one bale can be being formed while another tied/wrapped simultaneously leading to very high throughputs.

Optionally, the bales can be produced to a variable length and tied with PET strapping meaning the tying system offers a never-fail advantage over twine tie systems which slip with wetter wastes.

With bales of up to 2t in weight and very high availability, this user-friendly baler is a top choice for tough environments and reliable cost-efficiency.



UPAMAX – The Powerful Twin Ram baling press from UnoTech.