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unoTech Balers

Powerful Channel and Twin Ram Balers


Our reliable and robust German balers by unoTech come with fully automatic tying systems and are suitable for every application.

With pressing forces from 40t to 260t, unoTech’s machines ensure bale weights of up to 2t and maximum payloads on every truck.

Fitted with vertical, horizontal and cross tying systems, we can bale any material.  Our balers use steel wire, plastic wire and plastic strapping with steel and plastic tying avaliable on the same machine to futureproof the baler (RDF and commodites from the same machine).

With highest machine availability, German efficiency and a UK agent with 30 years in the baling sector, we can offer you the best advice and the best balers on the market.

unoTech ram baler.

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Cost-Saving Compactors

Static and Portable Compactors

Our compactors are a great way of saving money on waste disposal.

Cut down on multiple bins to maximise site space and pay less for fewer waste collections with our powerful, cost-saving compactors.

With fantastic German and British machines across our range of portable, static and transfer station compactors, Amber can offer cost-saving waste solutions via hire, lease or buy.

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Recycling Machinery

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Amazing references

We’re very proud of our customers


Over our long history we have worked with some of the biggest names in business including Asda, Boots, Ocado, PHS, Sita, Shanks and Vauxhall to name but a few.

In addition, we have served hundreds of further customers with our affordable equipment range and flexible finance options.

If you’d like to see one of our products in action, we can arrange a visit for you.

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Servicing & Consumables

Market-Beating prices on Consumables

We offer steel wire, plastic wire, strapping and film wrap at very competitive prices to minimise your waste handling costs.

Why not try us for a price from our full range of consumables.

Call or email us to see how we can help your business: 01536 765037 or




Servicing, Breakdowns, Parts and Maintenance

Amber has a nationwide team of engineers and vans to support your organisation 24/7.  If you need us in a hurry, we are there the same day.

We offer maintenance and service packages to ensure all costs for your machines are capped and managed for your business.

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Flexible Finance



When it comes to flexible finance, we offer all types of purchasing options for our machines and capping your waste handling costs.

Whether you want to buy, lease or rent the equipment we can arrange the perfect option for you so the equipment is on site as fast as you require it and at the regular price you want.

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Friendly Team

We’re here to make life easy


Our team is always on hand to help you and we have over 30 years experience in the recycling sector.  Whatever your enquiry, we’d love to hear from you.




Jim Frost:

07545 484624



Sonja Gibbs

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Cathy Fardell

01536 765010 

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