The UPAK 50 and UPAK 70 are fully automatic balers available at very low cost to bale packaging waste…automatically.  This range has been specifically designed for automating the baling process in low volume applications to ensure minimised operation costs for fibre and film waste.  Whether you wan the 50t press or the 70t press, just install it, and it bales on its own needing no labour to tie off the bales.

Available to lease, hire or buy, these balers are a true pay-as-you-go option for warehouses, distribution centres, 3PLs, retail parks and order fulfilment centres.  Priced to compete with semi-autos without the labout, the UPAK range bales automatically, leading to years of savings on wages.

Highly reliable and with a fully-automatic 4-fold vertical tying system, the UPAK 45 can handle wire thicknesses of 2.8 – 3.4 mm to produce dense bales…automatically.

With a 15kW or 22kW pump and a 1400mm x 920mm hopper opening, the UPAK 50 produces 750mm x 1000mm bales of variable length weighing up to 0.5t from its 50t pressing force.

At a cost just above a semi-auto baler, the price difference is made up by the UPAK 50 inside a year via wage savings.

Click here for more info: http://www.unotech.de/downloads/unotech.de_upak_en.pdf


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